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Meet Our Team

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(DCI 8484)

Our Dental Xpertz team are renowned as some of the best in their field - well qualified, a wealth of experience and motivated to give you the best possible treatment and customer care each and every time. All of our clinical team are fully registered with the kerala Dental Council (you can check on the KDC website here), and more importantly the whole team is super-nice, gentle and (unlike the stereotype) definitely not scary!

Dr. Mithun is a passionate dentist and always strives to give his patients the best possible care and attention. As well as having qualified in one of India's best dental college (VinayakaMission), he also have a Postgraduate Certificate in orthodontics from , annamalai university.He is very passionate about tooth alignment and also really friendly with patients.

WHY SEE Dr Mithun M.S ?

Dr.Mithun's Face and Profile-centric approach to treatment of his patients' dental 'issues'

Dr. Mithun starting point as a orthodontist is that the teeth is NOT the centre of the universe, but your teeth is definitely the center of your face. Your teeth, lips, naso-labial angle ( angle between your nose and upper lip), and chin form that part of the face that draws people in towards you. Other than your eyes, no other part of your appearance has that arresting impact. So, Dr Mithun said, 'I treat my patients towards an IDEAL profile'. No one should be treated to an 'average' or 'norm',.

When interviewed, Dr Mithun said, "I realized when I did my specialist orthodontic degree in Annamali University that In Asia, elaborates, ".. many patients have protrusive teeth ( sometimes upper only, sometimes both upper and lower teeth. Now, we have operator-sensitive orthodontic techniques that allow me to 'move' back your protruding teeth, WITHOUT ANY EXTRACTIONS. it is crucial that I measure your xrays and study models, and clinically evaluate your hard tissue and soft tissue ( the latter means the 'flesh' and 'skin' than covers your face'. I measure how short you are of space in your upper and lower arches ( upper teeth and lower teeth). Not only that, I need to clinically determine WHY you teeth are short of space. This is just a small part of my diagnosis and treatment plan for you, Results are stable. Technology has advance by leaps and bounds, and as your Specialist Orthodontist, the duty I owe to you, my patient, is nuanced by my sifting and understanding technology so that we use the best one for you. For example, if your malocclusion is skeletal in nature, certain orthodontic techniques give a more stable, long term result for you, as a patient.

Interviewed, Dr Mithun said, 'What is the most important thing for you as a patient, is to choose a good orthodontist who can diagnose your in problem".

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( DCI 15645)
BDS,RAJAS DENTAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL (Thirunnelveli); PG MBA in Hospital Administration

Dr. Sooraj is Dental Xpertz's Associate Dentist with a special interest in aesthetic dentistry He is really friendly with an excellent chair side manner and as well as working at Dental Xpertz, In addition, Dr.Sooraj have a Masters in Business Administration specialized Hospital Management.

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Dr. Sreepriya has worked as a dental surgeon in variety of clinical settings including cosmetic dentistry.She is passionate about giving excellent, gentle treatments and helping patients achieve great oral health and is set to be a real asset to the dental xpertz team.

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DR. JAESON PAINATT MDS (Amritha Viswapeedom cochin)
BDS (Sree Ramachandra Medical College)
MDS (Maxillofacial Surgery), AMRITHA, Kochi
FIBCSOMS Certified, PGCOI in Manipal University

Dr. Jaeson Painatt , Clinical Assistant professor, Department of Oralmaxillofacial Surgery, has 3 years of experience in surgical management of oralmaxillofacial anomalies. Specialising in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, his areas of special interest are Implantoglogy management of cleft and Anomalies, Craniofacial Osseointegrated Implants, Distraction Osteogenesis and Maxillofacial Trauma. He is a Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, AMRITHA HOSPITAL, Kochi.

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Dr.Muhammed Riyas MDS Periodontist (DCI 9564)
MDS Periodontist,Yenapoya Dental College ,Mangalore) FIBCSOMS Certified, PGCOI in Manipal University

Dr. Muhammed Riyas is a Clinical Assistant professor in Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences, is a Periodontist with more than 3 years of experience in Dentistry. His areas of special interest are Periodontal regenerative procedures and Periodontal plastic & aesthetic Surgeries. He is an expert in all basic and advanced procedures in Periodontics and General Dentistry.

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Dr S.Radhakrishnan
MDS Paedodontist

Dr S.Radhakrishnan MDS working as a assistant professor at department of pediatric dentistry, Goverment dental college Thrissur, with more than 3 years of experience, Dr. Radhakrishnan is an expert in dental procedures in children and young adults. Trained in full mouth rehabilitation of children under General anaesthesia and conscious sedation, he also excels in providing specialised dental care to differently abled children.

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Dr.Resvin Moosa MDS Endodontist
BDS MDS- Specialist in Endodontist -
DCI number 9152

Dr Resvin Moosa is a consultant,Dental Department,is a Endodontist with more than 3 year of experience in Dentistry.He is an expert in all basics and advanced procedures in Endodontics and General Dentistry

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Dr.Akhil Karickal Mohan MDS ENDODONTIST

Special interests - Smile designing, endodontic therapy, surgical endodontics, biomimetic restorations.

Do you want a better looking Smile ? A Good smile Changes Everything.