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Treatment and prices

Treatment and prices At Dental Xpertz, our prices aim to always offer good value for money balanced with exceptional dental care. Dental being competitive, we only use top quality equipment, materials and dental laboratories and we always dedicate the right amount of time tooth lovely patients. Everything at Dental Xpertz is upfront, honest and open.

Check up

1.New Patient Exam/Check-up

Consultation, Check-up and standard x-ray with one of our experienced dentist [30 minutes]

Hygiene / Cleaning and Whitening Treatments

1.Tooth "Standard Shine'

  • A full and through hygiene session:- Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing plus Oral care advice and support [30 Minutes]

2.Tooth '3T' (Tooth Tobacco Treatment)

  • Our complete extended hygiene:- Deep Cleaning, Scaling and Localized Stain removal for smokers [60 minutes]

3.Tooth 'Diamond Shine'

  • Our 'posh' hygiene:- Cleaning, Scaling and high-powered air-jet stain removal finished with a polish [45 minutes]

4.Tooth 'Express Clean

  • Our Speedy hygiene for very regular attenders, a great way to keep your teeth clean and healthy [20 minutes]


White Fillings

  • We use the best composite to ensure the best possible colour match to your teeth. Price depends on filling size, time and material required

2.Dentures (Part Acrylic)

  • Our part acrylic dentures offer excellent value, yet like all of our remain exceptionally high quality and offer a natural, low cost solution to missing teeth.

3.Chip Repairs

  • Our chip repairs will get your teeth looking good as new using shade matched composite build up. Price depends on chip size and time required.


  • We only used exceptional quality lab work for natural looking, well fitting crowns. Price depends on material - porcelain bonded, ... or full porcelain (Cosmetic)

5.Dentures (Chrome/Flexi)

  • Our long lasting chrome and flexi dentures offer great comfort levels. We only use the best labs to ensure an excellent fit and a natural look every time.


  • Our high quality bridges are prices depending on material selected. We do both standard and maryland (Adhesive) bridges. Prices are per unit.

7.Dentures (Existing)

  • We offer denture additions and repairs should you not require a new denture. We will happily add to, amend or adjust your denture (if possible) on request

8.Veneers (porcelain)

  • Our porcelain veneers are a great cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of your smile in a way that look and feels natural.

Extraction and Root Canal Treatments

1.Extractions (Non Surgical)

  • Our team has a wealth of experience in extracting teeth which cannot be restored. Price is per tooth and depends on tooth and complexity.

2.Extractions (Surgical)

  • Our qualified oral surgeons on carry out complex extractions in house, including wisdom teeth. Price is per tooth and depends on tooth and complexity.

3.Root Canal Treatment (With Endodontist)

  • Our experienced Endodontist deals only in complex root canal treatment. Price is per tooth and depends on type of tooth and complexity..

4.Root Canal Treatment (Incisors, Canines, Molars, Pre molars)

  • Our professional endodontic RCT treatments are carried out using state of the art equipment and materials. Price is per tooth and depends on tooth and complexity.

Smile Alignments & Implants

1.Smile Alignment Consultation

  • Our certified practioners wil discuss your needs, assess your case and explore treatment options with you..

2.C Fast Alignment

  • C Fast is a gentle and minimally invasive straightening system for adults that focuses on your visible smile. Its a quick and effective way to straighten your teeth..

3.Clear Aligner (Inman Aligner)

  • Inman Aligner is a quick and effective solution for straightening your teeth without the need for fixed braces.

4.Clear Braces

  • Clear Braces are a quick and aesthetically good effective solution for straightening your teeth..

5.Implant Consultation & Implants

  • Our experienced implantologist will discuss your needs and explore treatment options with you. We only use the exceptional quality implantium implant system. Price is per tooth and includes full implant and crowns and depends on type of implants - cemented crown or screw fit crown. .
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